Arrick Sweetsong is a Jongleur, and ex-herald of Duke Rhinebeck of Angiers. Arrick is a talented singer (hence the surname "Sweetsong"), and achieved reasonable fame among both the both high- and low-born populations of Angiers. During his time as herald, a skilled and desired position, Arrick is described as tall with tanned skin, long sun-bleached gold hair and a brown beard, with a perfectly set jaw.

In 318 AR, Arrick rescues a young Rojer Inn from Riverbridge after poor warding permits a Demon attack. Arrick takes Rojer as an apprentice and adopted son, taking care of him in Fort Angiers. However, when Rojer is between the ages of 5-10, Arrick is dismissed from his position as herald after the Duke discovers young Rojer sleeping in a bed at a brothel - Arrick having left him there while he traveled to nearby villages.

Disgraced, and no longer able to financially support himself, Arrick's drinking and gambling lead him and Rojer into ruin. Although still able to perform, Arrick depends heavily on drink, spending what little money is earned on dice or cardgames.During this period it seems that Arrick remains fond of Rojer, acting as both a father figure and professional mentor to him. However, when drunk Arrick berates Rojer for being ungrateful, blaming the boy for the loss of his career and lifestyle.

In 329AR, Arrick is killed while traveling and performing in local hamlets. One night on the road, sleeping in their Messenger's Circle, Arrick becomes particularly drunk and enraged at Rojer. From the safety of the wards, Arrick enrages a Wood Demon, breaking his wineskin over it. To prevent Arrick from physically attacking the demon, Rojer interposes himself and Arrick throws the boy outside the security of the warded circle. Arrick's last act is to tackle the demon and turn it aside, so Rojer can return to the safety of the wards.

Arrick Sweetsong is the namesake of Arrick Inn, Rojer's male child.