Briar Damaj
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318 AR

Also known as
  • Muddy
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Briar Damaj, son of Relar Damaj and Dawna is a half Krasian boy from the village of Bogton. His first appearance was in The Great Bazaar and Other Stories.


Early lifeEdit

Briar grew up in Bogton with his family and is the youngest of five brothers. Since he is half Krasian he didn't have friends in the village and was bullied at home by his brothers.

His father teaches him that he needs to be bold so he doesn't get looked down, telling him of the times when he was in Krasia. His father decided to take him outside to the front porch while the demons were out, even though his mother did not agree. There, in the safety of the wards, he taught him a trick to deceive the demons. He calls it "The Bait trick", that consisted of putting himself right in front of the demon and calmly walking from side to side. While doing this the demon imitates his every move until it realizes that it was being toyed with and launches itself against the wards.

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