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332 AD - Flux

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The Hag Bruna
The Witch


Herb Gatherer Bruna

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Herb Gatherer Bruna (also known as "The Hag Bruna")[Citation needed] of Cutter's Hollow, age unknown, is a character in The Warded Man.

Biography Edit

Bruna was the Herb Gatherer in the town of Cutter's Hollow, It was said she was old when the village elders were young, and had delivered most of them herself. She had outlived her husband, children and grandchildren, and had no family left in the world.

Described as a withered skeletal lady with translucent skin over sharp bone. She was half blind and could walk only with gnarled walking stick that was frequently used to hit people with suprising strength and accuracy for her age.

Her Herb Gathering skills are almost second to none, her apprentice Leesha Paper being the only exception. Bruna is said to have had many apprentices although few make it through all 7 years of apprenticeship and is well known in the Herb Gathering profession, having many contacts through out Thesa and possibly further.

Bruna is clever with her words and ways, her wit is as sharp as a knife and she is not afraid to use it. Often making people feel inferior with quick-witted remarks to get her own way, and with this can control just about any situation. Her character may seem mean through out the beginning, but it is shown during Leesha's apprenticeship that she is a caring person, who cares about the people of the village, refering to them as "Her Children". The villages do not reciprocate these feelings, and several think that she is a Witch and late at night "slaps stomachs with demons".

Leesha's Apprenticeship - 319 AR Edit

After a bad night of demon attacks Cutter's Hollow has been ravaged by Fire Demon, many were severly injured or dead. Bruna had come to help with her apprentice at the time Darsy . After Darsy had ruined a tincture Bruna sent her away and Leesha had to step in and help, after a full hard day of working Bruna had collapsed and was having a fit, Leesha quickly helped her recover from this using herbs bruna had passed to her and Leesha had saved her life. After a short time she takes Leesha on as an apprentice and begins to teach her the art of Herb Gathering.

New Apprentice - 326 AR Edit

Keep in contact with her peers Bruna receives a message from Mistress Jizell the Herb Gatherer from Fort Angiers concerning a case she has, she also requests to send her apprentice Vika to Bruna in exchange for Leesha . Bruna agrees to this exchange and and recieves Vika as her apprentice for the next few years.

Death - 332 AR Edit

In the year 332 AR Cutter's Hollow is hit by a massive Flux (something like a flu) and Bruna is infected with this, unfortunately she could not create a cure for this and passed away.

Trivia Edit

  • Bruna is of Italian origin, it means Dark haired.