Duke Rhinebeck is the ruling Duke of Fort Angiers, and brother to Prince Thamos. Rhinebeck is portrayed as one who enjoys the pleasures of court life: drinking, eating, and whoring to excess. Rhinebeck seems greedy, in both taxing his people, and trading with other Free Cities. It is his greed to tax Riverbridge which ultimately led to Rojer Inn's parents being killed by Demons, as the local warder wished to impress the Duke's herald.

“There’s not much to know,” Rojer said. “Rhinebeck spends his hours doing three things: counting money, drinking wine, and bedding younger and younger brides, hoping one of them will bear him an heir.”[1]
The Duke's self-interest is shown further when he refuses to house any refugees following the Krasian threat of invasion.

The Duke is infertile, confirmed by Herb Gatherer Leesha Paper and Weed Gatherers. However, popular belief or personal denial lead Rhinebeck to marry many women, in succession, in hope to father a male heir. This only serves to further aggrivate the Duke.

References Edit

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