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Cutter's Hollow

Leeshas mother, married to Ernal Paper, live outside the greatward because their earlier neighbors complained about the smell his papermaking made.


Early lifeEdit

Elona was always a beautiful girl and flowered quickly, giving her virginity to Steave Cutter. She often used to visited the towns Herb Gatherer, Bruna, to learn the secrets of the tea that stopped the possibility for getting pregnant (pom tea). Bruna thought of taking her as an apprentice, but as fast as she new the secrets of the wombpeeling tea Elona stopped visiting her. Elona was unaware that if someone drank the tea in large amouts then her womb  would become weaker and weaker, making it harder for her to have children later in life.

Grownup LifeEdit

Elona married Ernal for the wealth that came of his papermaking, but she never really loved Ernal and often visited Steave to brake her vows. Her womb however had become very  weak by this time and she visited Bruna again in desperation, she helped her and Elona finally gave birth to a girl, Leesha. She was disappointed that her only child was a girl and never really loved Leesha either, making her life hard as she grew up. Elona quickly got her promised to Gared Cutter, the son of her earlier flame, Steave. In order to make up of her failing to bear his son or have sons of her own.

Elona was determind to have Leesha correct her mistakes and kept her in the dark about many things. When Leesha broke out of that too Elona started beating her, making her flee to Bruna and starting her apprenticeship with her.

Events of Painted ManEdit

During a demon attack on Cutters Hollow one night that left many people without homes Elona offered to take Steave and Gared in her family home as well as volenteere her daughter to work at the hospite.


She is a selfish woman who cares only for herself. Bitter about not being able to bear son's, she vented her anger on her husband and daughter.

Her beauty and sharp mind gave her a high opinion of herself.

She is able to see the world through (as Leesha puts it) "the eye of her own disire" and has great insight as such, but rather than help she uses it to cut at people.

Elona also values people based on what is to be gained. Like when she tries to sell Leesha off. She also displays this when she states that Rojer is not worthy of Leesha.


Elona is a Greek girlname meaning "Bright".