The Evejah is a sacred text written by Kaji, it contains the accounts of the conquests of Kaji.

The war philosophy seen within is counted sacred by the inhabitants of Krasia.

There is a second version of the Evejah, the Evejah'ting which is said to have been written by the first wife of Kaji, Inevera.

Fragments of text Edit

"There were four divine laws that governed battle, they are as follows;

* Be unified in purpose and leadership.

* Do battle at a time and place of your choosing.

*Adapt to what you cannot control, and prepare the rest.

*Attack in ways the enemy will not expect, finding and exploiting their weaknesses."

"War at is crux, is deception."

"The only true loyalty, is that of blood."

"When a man's purse is empty, his rivals grow bolder"

"To drink fermented grain or fruit is forbidden"

"Burn the enemy's store, so that they cannot make further war"

"Jiwah are commanded to wear veils so no man may covet what is not his"

"During the waning, Alagai ka, father of demons, stalks the surface of Ala"

"Protect your borthers in the night above all things"

"Alagai'sharak must only be fought on prepared ground"

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