A Fire Demon in full gallop

Flame Ward

A Flame Ward

The Flame Demon is a fast demon that spits a liquid demonfire out of its mouth. The Demonfire can set fire to most things and is effective against other breeds of corelings. Although they can spit fire they need time to spit again. This breed of Demon is frequently sighted in the lowlands. The flame demons avoid forests where Wood demons make their hiding places, the reason being that Wood demons attack Flame demons on sight due to their firespit, which sticks to wood demons and kills them quickly. There are none in the mountains and only a few in the desert, the reason is that there is nothing to burn. It runs on all fours and is easily recognized by its glowing mouth and eyes.


The Flame Demon is a fast demon commonly the size of a large cat.


Flame Demons close their eyes and open their mouths just before they spit fire, giving a chance to rush forward and ram a spear through its mouth and into its brain. Water will kill Flame Demons if they are submerged for a long enough time, however all the water around them will quickly reach over boiling point. Combat wards and demon claws are also fatal to these demons.