The outer wall

The Southern fort, located deep into the Krasian desert, surrounding a great oasis dug up from an underground river. The Fort, also known as "The Desert Spear", was largely abandoned by its citizens in 333 AR for Everam's Bounty (Fort Rizon after it was conquered by the Krasians.

It is also the only civilization known in Thesa that speaks its own language, called Krasian.


The population, once millions of people, is now reduced to less than 50 000 people after centuries have passed with great losses in the Sharak Ka. Because of this great districts lay abandoned, and a lot of these have been absorbed into The Maze.

The City's CharacteristicsEdit

The City is built around an great oasis, around the shore rules the palace of the Damaji, the tribal leaders. The most noteable structure in the city is Sharik Hora, a great dome temple decorated with the bones of the Dal'Sharum, it was built to worship Everam. Inside the inner wall lays also The Palace of the Andrah, The Dama'ting Palace, and the Great Bazaar, which stretches  for miles within the city. The place where you do all of the shopping.


Fort Krasia trade, among other products, silk and parfumes with the rest of Thesa.

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