Fort Miln, The Jewel of The North, is built into the mountains. The city is ruled by Duke Euchor and the Council of Mothers. Motherhood is an requirement for higher education and unless they got a royal status all men are barred from politics. Over 30 000 inhabitants. Prior to the end of the line of the King of Thesa, Miln was the capital.

Characteristics Edit

The richer people and the Duke's Keep is all located in the middle of the city on a vast plain. The Duke's Keep is a large area of the city with high walls and can almost be called a city by itself, it houses the Duke's Palace and all the small houses of the servants. Inside its walls lays also the Great Library, a library reservated for the Duke and the tender's wich hides all the information of The Old World that was not lost in the Age of Destruction.

Resources Edit

Fort Miln trade, among other products, metal, salt and coal with the rest of Thesa.

One Arm Edit

While Arlen Bales spent almost 7 years in Fort Miln, the Rock Demon known as "One Arm" spent his nights testing the warded walls for any sign of weakness. The guards expected his appearance and bet on the direction he would travel that night. On one night, One Arm finally broke through the walls and 40 people of assorted Fort Miln professions died.

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