Fort Rizon, also known as the bread basket of Thesa, was a large community of villages with a central city as Fort Rizon. The city walls of Fort Rizon are small if you compare them with the other walls set to defend the other forts through out Thesa, they are eight feet high and one foot wide but it encloses the most farmable land in Thesa. The Fort's lands produce corn, meat and other foods for Thesa. Beside the enormous farming land of the Fort Rizon there also a lot of smaller communities one day away from the main city. They are arranged like the spokes of a wheel and contain the largest population of people in Thesa.

Trading connections Edit

The city produced much food but they need wood from Angiers and salt and steel from Miln. The city is focused on producing food, so they need the wood for seal pillars, building, heating and other related activities that requires wood. The steel mostly for tools. They also sell sand in the south for glass making, they have also glass production. But sand is easier to sell by caravans.

Conquered by the Krasians Edit

When Ahmann Jardir led the Krasians out of the desert to conquer the "green lands", his first target was Fort Rizon. After he took the city and subdued the surrounding lands, he renamed it Everam's Bounty and it became the new Krasian capital.

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