Fort Rizon, also known as the breadbasket of Thesa, produce corn, meat and other foods for Thesa. The city consists of a large community of villages with a central city known as Fort Rizon. The city walls are approximately eight feet high and one foot thick, enclosing the most farmable land - though these are small compared with the walls of other forts throughout Thesa. There are additional small communities wihtin one day's travel from the city proper. They are arranged like the spokes of a wheel and contain the largest population of people in Thesa.

Trading connections Edit

The city produces much food in Thesa, but has little to no natural timber or wood, for which it trade with Angiers, and no salt or steel, which it gets from Miln.

The city needs the wood for construction, warding pillars, heating, etcetera. The steel mostly for tools. They also sell sand in the south for glass making, likely included warded glass.

Conquered by the Krasians Edit

When Ahmann Jardir led the Krasians out of the desert to conquer the "green lands", his first target was Fort Rizon. After he took the city and subdued the surrounding lands, he renamed it Everam's Bounty and it became the new Krasian capital.