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304 AR

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Gared Cutter, son of Steave Cutter of Cutter's Hollow, born 304 AR, was in his younger days promised to Leesha Paper but they were never married due to Gared betraying her. He is a giant by all standards, standing over six feet at 15, and later, as an adult, nearly 7 feet tall.

After the battle of Cutter's Hollow, Gared became a captain of sorts and leader figure. He is fiercely loyal to the Painted Man much like Wonda is to Leesha . He believes Arlen is the Deliverer and will be hostile to anyone who says otherwise. Currently he is bodyguard to Rojer on the Painted Man's orders.

The Daylight War Edit

Once Prince Thamos took "control" of Deliverer's Hollow, Gared was appointed leader of all of the existing Cutters and the Butchers due to his reputation as selfless demon killer who can lead, except is still totally faithful and devoted to the Painted Man.

Abilities Edit

Gared is one of the strongest characters in the Demon Cycle realm. Arlen even stated that while he may not be stronger than himself he is still the strongest man he's ever met. He is a straight forward fighter preferring to charge using brute force. While not the best practitioner of sharusahk it has been said that he is very adept while fighting in the Krasian shield wall due to his size, reach and strength. He carries a great two headed axe and a machete given to him by the warded man. He has also been seen wearing warded gloves that can be used for close combat. Gared is a natural leader among the Cutters and his prowess has even caught the attention of Duke Rhinebeck to the point that he was made general of Cutter's Hollow when he returned from Everam's Bounty and later being made Baron.

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