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Biography Edit

Training Edit

Hasik initially appears in the Desert Spear as the most popular and skilled nie'sharum in the Kaji'sharaj who relentlessly bullies Jardir and Abban. After exclaiming to drillmaster Qeran that Jardir and Abban were not fit for nie'sharum, Hasik is disciplined for answering back by a punch to the face from the drillmaster resulting in the loss of one front tooth. Hence forth, Hasik's speech is accompanied by a whistle due to the injury and he is derogatorily known as "Whistler". Hasik blames Jardir for the incident and embarks on a campaign of revenge culminating in a training fight during which Hasik breaks Jardir's arm. Jardir is sent to the pavillion where he is healed by a nie'dama'ting who is revealed to be Inevera.

Revenge Edit

During alagai'sharack, towards the end of Jardir's training, Hasik plys Jardir with Couzi and lures him to a quiet alcove within the alagai maze where he brutally rapes him. Later Jardir exacts his revenge during a final showdown in which Hasik is defeated and Jardir uses the butt of his spear to sodomise him before his peers.

Aftermath Edit

Many years later, Hasik reappears as Jardir's bodyguard (aka A Spear of the Deliverer) having wholly submitted to serving Jardir and believing him to be the Shar'Dama Ka. Hasik's loyalty knows no bounds and he becomes Jardir's brother-in-law by marrying Hanya, Jardir's sister.

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