Kaji, is according to Krasian Culture, the first Shar'Dama Ka, or Deliverer. He lived in the Anoch Sun, in the Age of the Deliverer, and in his lifetime he conquered Thesa through Sharak Sun. After he won the war he gathered a new army and lead the warriors into a war against the corelings, with the help of offensive wards . They won and the demons did not return until the Age of Destruction.

His first wife was Inevera who was said to help him become the Shar'Dama Ka, also making the Spear of Kaji out of electrum, etching the wards into his spear and crown, and wove his Cloak of Unsight .

It was said that he could see into the hearts of men and lived for hundreds of years (at least 200 to 300 years).

He had a 1000 wives, and possessed special items made by his Jiwah Ka, Inevera: The Crown of KajiThe Spear of Kaji and Kaji's Cloak of Unsight. These were later stolen by Ahmann Jardir, the spear from Arlen Bales and the rest from Anoch Sun, who became the Shar'Dama Ka reborn.

Due to the fact that the Evejah is incomplete and the Dama'ting Evejah'ting is penned differently it is unknown how much of the accounts are real.

It is suspected by many women and khaffit that the Evejah was either changed or altered by the Dama to suit them.

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In The Core, the Alagai Ka calls Kaji "Kavri".[1]

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