Water Ward

A Water Ward

The Lake Demons(Also known as Water Demons) is the most common corelings for the people of Fort Lakton. Arlen once got his arm inside the gap of one, but he managed to get free by pulling the demon up from the water until it let go. The people of Lakton uses seal net to avoid attacks, lake demons also attack ships that travel the waters at night.

They vary in size and are rarely seen. They are long and covered with scales, with webbed and sharp claws. Some have tentacles that end in sharp bone. They can only breath underwater, being able to come to surface for short periods of time and can swim extremely fast.


Air: They can't survive air for a long time, if you manage to pull them out of the water they will eventually die.

Light: They need light to see things outside of the water so in an pitch dark night you can sail over the water without them noticing. Also each demon fears bright light.