Biographical information

259 AR

Also known as
  • Old Hog
  • Rusco Hog
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Family members

Rusco, father of Dasy and Catrin, is the richest man in Tibbet's Brook. He owns a trading post in the hamlet, which uses a credit system devised by him. He also rents rooms (to travellers). Rusco has contacts outside of the Brook, whom he trades with for some of his stock as well as for Free City coins. Rusco is from the Free Cities, and claims to be just a travelling merchant, though he's stayed in Tibbet's Brook for years and shows no sign of leaving. His celler was said to have more stock than the possessions of everybody in the Brook combined and piled. It was wooden floored to avoid the demons from rising directly in from the core and warded.


Rusco was a big man, strong and straight backed, even though he was 60 years old. He had iron-grey hair and his belly was bulging out a little.


He earned his nickname "Hog" because of his greed, and the fact that he's constantly cheating his customers to his own advantage. He got his customers (messengers) drunk before haggling/bargaining with them to get a good deal. Despite his merchant mentality, Hog will never let anyone from the Brook go hungry and will help townsfolk for free, albeit very rarely.

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