Shar'Dama Ka, translates to English as 'The First Warrior Priest', is the Krasian name for The Deliverer.

History Edit

Kaji was the original Shar'Dama Ka and ascendant of the Kaji Tribe. According to Krasian culture he first conquered the northerners in Sharak Sun, the "Daylight War" in Krasian history, before turning his full attention to the demons and vastly reducing their numbers and making the demons retreat for thousands of years. His burial site is the ruins of Anoch Sun where his Crown , Spear and Cloak (un-usable) lied with him. Jardir stole the spear from Arlen and found the Crown in the ruins Anoch Sun, he then claimed himself as Shar'Dama Ka.

Due to the fact that Kaji is called the first Shar'Dama Ka hints that there may have been others after him.  Mind demon internal dialogue seems to verify this.