A snow demon hunting in the mountains

Snow Ward

A snow ward, similar to the water ward.

A snow demon, a large cat-like creature with thick white fur and covered in horns and spikes, usually hunts in The Miln Mountains, but comes down to the lowlands at winter.

They are so scarce that many inhabitants of Fort Miln, including Cob used to believe they were mere legends. However, in the events of The Great Bazaar and Other Stories, Arlen Bales kills a snow demon by carving a heat ward out of his own blood on the snow demon's chest, and melting it, making it his first coreling kill.

The snow ward usually used against Snow Demons also bear a similarity to the water ward.


Snow Demons need a eternal snow area to survive, so they live in high mountains where the snow never melt. Only snowstorms and cold winters bring them down in lower regions. They are similar to fire demons, they can spit a liquid that freeze everything immediately. The frozen objects can break or the body parts become numb.

Weak points:Edit

Heat: Extreme heat can kill them examples are heatseal, demonfier or explosions.

Bigger demons: Smaller demons often get killed by bigger ones, like rock demons who are often found in the mountains.