The Great Bazaar and Other Stories contains two tales, two deleted chapters and an introductory chapter to a new character. It also contains a glossary and a grimoire.

The first two tales talk about the time when Arlen was still a messenger. One, Brayan's Gold, is about Arlen first run as a messenger, where he encountered a Snow Demon for the first time. The other, The Great Bazaar, tells the story of how Arlen and Abban were able to obtain the map to the lost city of Anoch Sun.

The deleted chapters were chosen by the author to not be included in the first book, The Warded Man. The first chapter seems like a prologue, and is a glimpse into Arlen's childhood days of exploration. The second chapter, Brianne Beaten, is a little more character development for Leesha.

The last chapter introduces Briar Damaj, a new character that will appear in the fourth book, The Skull Throne.

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