The Spear of Kaji, originally held by the Shar'Dama Ka, Kaji, was discovered by Arlen Bales in the Ruins of Anoch Sun, but was later stolen by Ahmann Jardir. It is decorated with all known Fighting Wards and made from electrum. However, the Mind Demon in The Desert Spear referred to it as the 'Demon Bone Spear'. Jardir also said he felt a connection between him and the spear. The spear also makes its owner faster, stronger, and fitter as long they touch it, even in the day.

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It is stated that the Spear was warded and created by the first Inevera. It is stated that the spear holds every combat ward in existence it is unknown whether this is true or not. It is one of only two items from the demon wars know to use demon prince bones as cores.


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The Spear has algai hora of a demon prince inside of it that acts as a battery, or well. Using this well the Spear's user can trace wards in the air and cast magic. The spear grants the user increased physical strength. Due to it being made from electrum the spear can hold magic during the day and recharge during the night. It allows use of power during the day (albeit only to power the Crown) and near limitless use during the night.

The spear on its own grants vast power but with the Crown its potential can used to its fulliest.Together they give an increased life span well past that of normal humans; over hundreds of years while remaining in prime for most of it.

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