The Thunderstick are a possible invention of The Hag Bruna , similar to dynamite in description they are used for various tasks.


Produced by Herb Gatherers these potent sticks are a mixture of herbs, mixed into chemics and combined together and wraped in paper, a small wick is added for ignition.


Thunderstick, much like dynamite could be used for many things such as; Mining, clearing treestumps or fields, or as in The Painted Man , as a weapon against demons. As a weapon is has a profound effect on most Demons killing or maiming them instantly, but has little to no effect on Rock Demons .


The Thunderstick are extremely volatile, after lighting the wick the user has a small amount of time to throw the Thunderstick, or run away from the impending explosion.

Additional Notes:Edit

The Hag Bruna had mentioned on various occasions that the secret to the Thundersticks production was to be kept as a secret. As she didn't trust anyone enough to teach them the recipe for fear they would be used unwisely and could lead to danger.